Mike Kaplan, owner of Sprinkler Shield Inc., in Plano, Tx set out to design a product that would conserve water while protecting fences, windows, flagstone, sidewalks, driveways, walls and siding from water overspray. Sprinkler Shield redirects water overspray from misaligned sprinkler heads to targeted areas such as lawns, shrubs, flowers or away from sidewalks or the street. The only way to prevent those unsightly arch stains on fences or those water spotted windows is to divert the water in another direction away from vulnerable areas.

Sprinkler Shield is constructed of a
Durable Poly Carbonate.
Riser Clip and Pop Up materials are composed
of a High Density Polyethylene.

Sprinkler Shield should easily pay for itself
when one considers what it costs to stain
a fence, resurface a sidewalk, clean the windows
or watch your water run down the street!


Sprinkler Shield CONSERVES WATER
and saves you MONEY!






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